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Hayley Avery

Budget Manager
(707) 664-3926
Salazar 2050 B

How I can help

  • Academic Affairs Division budgeting
  • University Advancement Divsion budgeting
  • Green Music Center Divsion budgeting
  • Student Fee Revenue Forecasting
  • Monthly LCD Posting
  • Student Fee Reporting and Fee Advisory Committee Delegate
  • Staff to the President Budget's Advisory Committee

Laura Lupei

Senior Director for University Budget & Planning
(707) 664-3132
Salazar 2072

How I can help

  • University Wide Division budgeting
  • Strategic Budgeting Framework
  • Budget Policies and Procedures
  • CSU Budget Officers Association Delegate

Natalie Sanchez

Budget Director
(707) 664-2715
Salazar 2050 B

How I can help

  • Administration and Finance Division budgeting
  • Office of the President Division budgeting
  • Student Affairs Division budgeting
  • Utilities Department budgeting
  • Memorandum of Understanding and Loan Agreements
  • University Cost Allocation Plan
  • FIRMS Budget Reporting
  • Instructionally Related Activities Committe Delegate

Shawn Taylor

Budget Analyst
(707) 664-3331
Salazar 2050 B

How I can help

  • Budget Office Support
  • Minor Campus Project budgeting
  • Campus Data Warehouse Support
  • Department Budget Table Maintenance